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Superintendent-Richard M. Fitzpatrick, Ed.D

Dear Teachers, Staff, Parents and Students of the Upper Freehold Regional School District,

In the time I have been in the Upper Freehold Regional School District,  I have witnessed first hand the significant benefits that come to children when their teachers, parents and the citizens of Upper Freehold, Allentown and Millstone work together to support and promote a comprehensive, rigorous and robust educational program. We have great students that work hard to please their dedicated teachers and caring parents. They appreciate the resources that have been provided for them and respect the opportunity they have been given to be educated in a village that is dedicated to raising its children.

I am most appreciative of the efforts of our faculty and staff to demonstrate a commitment to learning, to approach each day as an opportunity to reach out to kids and cultivate their intellect, strengthen their bodies, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and become people of character. There is no greater gift that we could give our parents and students than giving each child the necessary tools to realize their hopes and dreams. Each day that our parents and staff work together to help our kids establish roots and develop wings brings us closer to our goal of developing students that are perceptive, purposeful and powerful.

I am honored to serve as your Superintendent. Allow me to renew the pledge I made to you several years ago:

I will do everything in my power to work together with you to educate the children of this very special community. 

I will seek to be unfailing in my efforts to:

• Promote a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of all children enabling every child to realize his or her full learning potential.
• Approach every child, staff member, colleague, parent, and community member with respect.
• Demonstrate pride in my role as Superintendent, a teacher of children, teachers, and parents.
• Respect the trust placed in me by the Upper Freehold community as I proudly serve as your child advocate.
• Demonstrate honesty and integrity in all dimensions of my work.
• Commit the time and demonstrate the energy and desire necessary to continue to make the Upper Freehold School District a special place to work, grow, and learn.

I look forward to the school year ahead of us and will do everything I can to better know and understand the needs, goals and accomplishments of the Upper Freehold School District.

Boyer, representing the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching concluded that four priorities COMMUNITY, CURRICULUM COHERENCE, CLIMATE, and CHARACTER, are the building blocks of the basic school. Boyer notes that these priorities are held together through connections to people, connections within curriculum, connections between classrooms and resources, and connections that link learning to life to build character.

Using Boyer's four priorities we can . . .

• Build a shared vision and a common mission where everyone comes together to promote learning.
• Create a learning community where teachers are encouraged to celebrate their role as leaders and where parents are encouraged to acknowledge their role as partners.
• Develop literacy relative to words, numbers and the arts.
• Motivate every student to become competent, disciplined, and creative.
• Provide rich resources for learning where technology is seen as a tool to connect students to networks of knowledge.
• Offer services that support learning for the "whole child."
• Demonstrate a commitment to character that acknowledges our responsibility to build through word and deed, a keen sense of personal and civic responsibility within kids.

Let these aspirations define our focus as we face the critical issues that challenge us in the days ahead. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to achieving these goals and will continue to demonstrate a commitment to making our hopes and dreams realities for every child.

I join the Board of Education as they affirm their resolve to support students, faculty, staff, administration, and parents in this process of promoting these values for our children.

With appreciation for your confidence in my leadership.


Richard M. Fitzpatrick, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools

Administrative Assistant-Karen Farrell:        Farrelk@ufrsd.net