Steps to Assist you in Solving a Problem:

  1. Start with the teacher

  2. If there is still a problem after you have spoken to the teacher, go to the building Principal (if it is a school problem).

  3. Other issues, speak with the appropriate administrator as follows:

    • Instruction and Curriculum Issues: Assistant Superintendent for C&I,Mr. Guterl

    • Transportation and Busing Issues: Millstone Transportation Department at (732) 786-0950 ext. 70005, Ms. Jill Ottignon or Ms. Cheryl Infante

    • Athletic Issues: Director of Athletics, Mr. Ricci

    • Technology Issues: IT Manager, Mr. Dean

    • Special Education Issues: Director of Special Services, Mr. Leary

    • Budget, Finance and Board of Education: Business Administrator, Mrs. Hom

    • All other Issues: Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Fitzpatrick

  4. If you have exhausted all of these options, and your problem still remains unresolved, contact the Superintendent at (609) 259-7292 ext. #3201

Minutes of Board Meetings

Minutes are in Adobe PDF format. Click here to download Adobe reader for free.

Regular Board Meeting Schedule for School Year

Board of Education for Calendar Year 2017

* Mrs. Patricia Hogan - President

* Mr. Rick Smith - Vice President

* Mrs. Michele Anthony

* Mrs. Lara Michaud

* Mr. Howard Krieger

* Mrs. Tia McLaughlin

* Mr. Patrick Nolan

* Mr. Timothy Stolzenberger

* Mr. Kurt Wayton