Steps to Assist you in Solving a Problem:

  1. Start with the teacher

  2. If there is still a problem after you have spoken to the teacher, go to the building Principal (if it is a school problem).

  3. Other issues, speak with the appropriate administrator as follows:

    • Instruction and Curriculum Issues: Assistant Superintendent for C&I, Mr. Guterl

    • Transportation and Busing Issues: Millstone Transportation Department at (732) 786-0950 ext. 70005, Ms. Andrea Cece or Ms. Cheryl Infante

    • Athletic Issues: Director of Athletics, Mr. Ricci

    • Technology Issues: IT Manager, Mr. Dean

    • Special Education Issues: Director of Special Services, Mr. Leary

    • Budget, Finance and Board of Education: Business Administrator, Mrs. Hom

    • All other Issues: Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Fitzpatrick

  4. If you have exhausted all of these options, and your problem still remains unresolved, contact the Superintendent at (609) 259-7292 ext. #3201

Regular Board Meeting Schedule for School Year

Board of Education for Calendar Year 2018

* Mrs. Patricia Hogan - President

* Mr. Rick Smith - Vice President

* Mrs. Michele Anthony

* Mrs. Lara Michaud

* Mr. Howard Krieger

* Mrs. Tia McLaughlin

* Mr. Patrick Nolan

* Mr. Kurt Wayton

*Mr. Michael Zuppa