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Board Goals

UFRSD Board Goals 2016-2017

1. Continue to monitor the progress of the District toward implementing the Strategic Plan.

2. Draft a “live” and comprehensive Long Term Facility Plan in committee with every district need and want for every building, associating costs and resources in detail and timelines from district personnel and the BOE. Also include new housing developments within the district and their impact on enrollment, etc. (Please contact Patty Hogan with desire to sit on this committee asap). Update quarterly.

3. Record every presentation at all BOE meetings for posting to the district website and/or youtube for community exposure. Continue to enhance the existing plan to expand communications between the Board and the Community.

4. Establish liaisons with schools and/or facilitate participation of students at all levels with the board. Open up communications with students in all buildings:

  •  Newell- meeting participation twice per school year, 2016 = January and May.
  •  Stonebridge -Mrs. Anthony and Mrs. McLaughlin work with Ms. Negro to host student forums.
  •  AHS- Dr. Jacobsen and Mrs. Hogan meet with APAC, Student Council and other student organizations to      create opportunities for students to express themselves to the BOE.

5. UFR Millstone Send Receive Relationship -work toward completing comprehensive, multi-year agreement that best serves the children of both districts. Continue to work toward a stronger relationship between districts that promotes cooperation and open communication between administration and boards.