Contact these staff members if you need to report an occurrence of harassment, intimidation or bullying of another person.

Read the Superintendent's Letter concerning hazing below.

Dear Students, Parents and Community Members,

I am certain that many of you are aware of the decision made in Sayreville, NJ to cancel the balance of their football season.  The events that took place that resulted in this action are acts that are now addressed in each school district in New Jersey.  The state has a mandated policy requirement that covers Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying.  If you wish to read the entire UFRSD twenty-four page policy, you can go to our website and select the link to the Strauss Essmay library for the Upper Freehold Regional Schools Policy and Regulation number 5512. This policy was last reviewed in November 2013.  At that time Strauss Essmay recommended that districts consider placing “Hazing” activities in this policy because the characteristics and behaviors of hazing are closely aligned with the definition of bullying behaviors.

Our policy 5512 addresses the manner in which our district would respond to any accusations made by any member of the school community relative to bullying, hazing, harassment, intimidation, and  reprisal as well as appropriate consequences and remedial actions. The response to these, and all reportable behaviors that are included in the HIB policy, are precise, specific and represent corrective measures that serve to eliminate the presence of bullying behaviors in all of the district’s schools and schools all across the state of NJ.

Our Board of Education, our Administrative team at all levels in the district, our faculty, our students and our citizens, have clearly articulated that bullying behaviors are not acceptable in our school district. While the school community seeks to listen, understand, and support all of our students, our constituents seek to make certain that the rights of every student to attend school free from harassment, bullying, and intimidation is a goal that we seek to achieve through careful monitoring of behavior, cooperation from the parent community, and our commitment to creating a positive learning climate for all students.

Our faculty, staff, coaches and advisors work side by side with our students and parents, to demonstrate the virtues of respect, responsibility, integrity, and empathy. We expect and believe with full confidence, that our faculty and staff supports the concept of developing children, teens, and graduates that have learned and that practice traits of character that represent these ideals upon which this community was founded.  We appreciate the presence of the values and responsible behaviors that are represented by our students, faculty and residents and will tirelessly work to maintain that standard of life for future generations.

Dr. Fitzpatrick