Principal Advisory Committee
Having a focus on communication and the very best for our students, the Principal holds meetings once a month with any interested Allentown High School parent who so decides to attend the meetings.  To accommodate parent schedules, meetings alternate times every other month, namely, one after and one evening meeting.  At the meetings the Principal provides an agenda which is designed to keep parents informed on school initiatives, curriculum and instruction, club activities, school issues and upcoming important school functions.  At these meetings the Principal encourages parents to provide feedback on suggestions.  As a result, many programs have been added or revised.  Please refer to the high school calendar for the dates and times of these meetings which take place in the Main Office Conference Room.

Parent Teacher Organization
Allentown High School is in the process of establishing a PTO whose focus will be the support of academic programs at the high school and promotion of a parent academy to keep parents informed on key topics relevant to community and parent interest.  A request for parent participation is anticipated to go out sometime during the first semester of the school year.  In the meantime, questions may be directed to Ms. Constance DeNicola Embley.