Professional Development

What Counts?
Professional Development Hours

  • Formal Courses: 1 college credit = 15 PD hours
  • Workshops, seminars, institutes accrue hour-for-hour PD credit (Note: To count for PD hours, all outside workshops must have prior approval and must relate to a PIP goal. Certificate of completion is also required.)
  • Teaching Workshops: 2 hours of prep for every one hour of presentation. (Note: Presentation and prep hours count only for the first time a workshop is given in a 5-year cycle.)
  • Committee Work - combined maximum of 10 PD hours each year
  • Curriculum Work - Researching, writing, and revising curriculum accrues hour-for-hour PD credit. A certificate will be issued documenting agreed upon hours.
  • Independent Studies e.g., action research, study groups, internships, must be approved in advance by the supervisor with a specified number of hours. Participants should keep a log of their hours and provide documentation of outcomes.
  • Official Mentors - 10 hours
  • Support Teachers - 10 hours
  • Cooperating Teachers - 10 hours