Statement of Belief

We believe our children learn best when :

  • Their physical, social and emotional needs are met.
  • The climate and culture of the school is engaging, supportive, challenging, and inspires students to express their personal ideas.
  • The curriculum is integrated, differentiated, meaningful and relates to real life.

We believe the role of parents is:

  • To be the first teacher of accountability, educational, cultural diversity and character education.
  • To be an active participant at home and in school and to understand, accept and celebrate their child's accomplishments when thy have achieved their personal best.
  • To be an informed, supportive advocate for the school program (i.e., program, staff and budget).

We believe the role of the community is:

  • To be an essential, informed and actively supportive partner of our schools.
  • To lead by example while promoting good citizenship.
  • To be responsible for creating a safe and nurturing environment.

We believe the role of the staff is:

  • To encourage and model high standards and expectations for all.
  • To continually develop and apply their professional knowledge and expertise.
  • To share and promote the vision of the schools and community.

We believe excellence in education includes:

  • Participatory, relevant learning that motivates students and promotes diversity.
  • Learners that strive to achieve their personal best, reach their full potential, think critically, seek to problem solve, and are willing and encouraged to take risks.
  • Students prepared for their world, committed to life -long learning, and that search for ways to contribute to their society.

Moving forward, we believe our children should be prepared to:

  • Aspire to learn, everyday of their lives, and achieve their life goals and personal best.
  • Use critical thinking skills, reasoning, perseverance and knowledge to positively impact their local and global communities.
  • Inspire future generations by modeling respect, leadership, responsibility and integrity