Public & International Affairs Interview Rubric

3 - Exceeds Expectations
2 - Meets Expectations
1 - Below Expectations

  • Self Reflection - Student demonstrates their ability to reflect on personal achievement, qualities, and personal challenges.
  • Motivation to Make a Difference - Student demonstates their motivation and drive to have made a difference in the lives of others. Student articulates a long-term goal to make a difference in the world.
  • Creative and Critical Thinking - Student shows an awareness of global issues and can make clear connections between domestic and global issues. Student demonstrates critical thinking skills in regards to current issues in the news.
  • Reflection on Middle School/High School Experience - Student illustrates a connection between their middle school/high school experience and their plans beyond school.
  • Goals Beyond Middle School/High School - Student identifies goals and a visioin beyond Middle School and possibly beyond High School. Student has a clear understanding of the steps necessary to achieve goals.
  • Delivery and Language - Student presents himself as mature, polite and engaging. Student uses proper language and enunciates his/her responses.