Academy of Business

Program Description

The Allentown High School Business Academy is designed to prepare students who wish to better understand and pursue opportunities after high school in the business world. While the courses for the Business Academy, offered through the Finance and Business Technology Department, cover a wide variety of the aspects of business, the Business Academy will focus on two major streams: Marketing and Computer Science. The program's sequence of courses is outlined below by grade level.

Marketing Pathway

9th Grade: Principles of Business & Finance

10th Grade: Marketing & Social Media

11th Grade: Sports & Entertainment Marketing

12th Grade: F&BT Department Elective

Computer Science Pathway

9th Grade: Python 1

10th Grade: Cyber Security/Advanced Cyber Security*

11th Grade: Python 2

12th Grade: F&BT Department Elective

*Advanced Cyber Security is a 300 level college equivalent course, where students will have the opportunity to earn college credit through St. Peters University.

Application Process

For non-resident applicants, if your student is currently registered with his/her resident district, download and complete the Notice of Intent to Participate Form. Submit this form by November 30, 2022 to your home district or charter school and obtain a signed receipt acknowledging that you submitted the form. Keep the receipt for your records. By law, a resident district must be informed if a student intends to participate in the choice program.

  1. Download and complete the AHS Choice Application or contact the Parent Information Center to have it mailed to you.
  2. Collect the following documents:
    • An official school transcript documenting at least a "B" in science.
    • Most recent NJ standardized test scores
    • A recommendation from a teacher or community member who knows you well
    • A letter of interest explaining why you want to be a part of the Academy of Business
  3. Return the General Choice Application to the address below no later than December 1, 2023 for non-resident applicants and April 9,  2024 for resident applicants from UFRSD and Millstone.


Allentown High School Main Office

(609) 259-7292 ext. 1705


Todd Pae, Principal
Allentown High School

Transportation Note to Parents: Transportation of Choice students is not guaranteed. If the cost of transportation will exceed $1,000, the parent/guardian will be given $1,000 as aid in lieu of transportation and, in some cases, the option of receiving the transportation and paying the additional amount over $1,000. By August 1, 2024, parents should receive notification of their transportation options from the resident district. For more information, read the Transportation Procedures for Choice students.